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    浙江蓓蕾布艺有限公司始建于1993年8月, 注册资金500万元,是国内最早专注于家居饰品设计研发、生产制造企业之一,? 在持续不断的发展过程中, 蓓蕾布艺始终坚持以狠抓产品质量和加快研发新款速度为主要工作, 企业发展良好。? 目前已拥有现代化生产车间3万平方米,机缝工500名,手工350多名,年产量600万余只。生产的“康乐屋”家居饰品, 品种齐全、质量稳定、价格适中、新款开发能力强,? 深受韩国、日本、台湾、伊朗及国内客户好评,在业界口碑良好。

            公司倡导“以人为本, 团结创新”的企业宗旨, 和坚持“勤奋守信,共创双赢” 的经营理念,精心打造高效负责的管理团队,不断创新,不断超越,在激烈的市场竞争中始终保持活力和自信,蓓蕾人将以永远不变的积极、热情、真诚、专注,创造更加美好的未来!

    使   命     创造舒适家居饰品,提高全民生活品质
    愿   景     成为家居饰品行业的领军者
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    Zhejiang Beilei Fabric Art Co., Ltd., founded in August 1993, is one of the earliest enterprises that dedicated to design, development and production of household decorations at home, holds the registered capitals of 5,000,000 Yuan. In the process of sustained development, our company has always been regarding emphasizing product quality and quickening development of new products as main tasks, so enable company to develop smoothly. At present, our company boasts modern production workshop of 30,000 square meters, 500 tailors, 350 manual workers and annual output of over 6000,000 pieces. “Kanglewu” household decorations are characterized by complete varieties, stable quality at reasonable price, which are popular not only at home, but also in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, etc, enjoy the good reputation in same field.

    The company advocates corporate tenet of “basing on people, unity and renovation”, insists on business philosophy of “diligence and keeping faith, creating win-win”, builds a group of efficient and responsible supervisors, meanwhile, constantly renovates and surpasses, maintains vitality and self-confidence in the furious market, Beilei people will endeavor to create the brighter future in active, passional, sincere and devoted manner!

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